October 29, 2020

2:00pm Eastern


A Debate with Professors Sai Prakash and John Yoo

Has President Trump’s push for expansive executive power gone beyond the powers granted to him in the Constitution? At this event, two of the nation’s leading scholars of presidential power, Professors John Yoo and Saikrishna Prakash, will debate the topic.

In his new book, Defender in Chief (St. Martin’s 2020), Professor Yoo argues that the Constitution grants broad Executive Powers to the President, and that President Trump has exercised them properly. In The Living Presidency (Harvard 2020), Professor Prakash counters that President Trump has violated the Constitution’s grant of executive power.


Professor Saikrishna B. Prakash is the James Monroe Distinguished Professor of Law and Paul G. Mahoney Research Professor of Law, University of Virginia School of Law

Professor John C. Yoo is the Emanuel S. Heller Professor of Law; Co-Faculty Director, Korea Law Center; and Director, Public Law & Policy Program, UC Berkeley School of Law

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