April 4, 2018


House Reform Proposals

Even though the Founders conceived Congress as the most powerful of the three branches of government, today the legislative branch is widely regarded as weak, indolent, and even irrelevant.

With the imbalance of power and accountability that has been created by this political vacuum, Congress has lapsed into problematic behavior that is both expensive and harmful to the notion of representative government.

What can Congress do to mend its ways and restore the balance of power? David McIntosh, Tom Davis, and Barry Loudermilk discuss the problems that most plague the legislative branch, including issues such as earmarks, appropriations, continuing resolutions, filibusters, judicial appointments, and political polarization.

      • Moderator: David McIntosh, President, Club for Growth
      • Tom Davis, former Congressman, Virginia’s 11th District
      • Barry Loudermilk, Congressman, Georgia’s 11th District

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