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The Mission of the Federalist Society’s Article I Initiative is to restore Congress to its rightful place in the Constitutional order. Across the country and on Capitol Hill, we are committed to a new and robust dialogue about the Constitutional reform of the Legislative branch.

The Most Powerful Branch?

It is clearly established in the Federalist Papers that the drafters of the Constitution intended the legislature to be the most powerful branch of government. In its present form, it is not. We are left to wonder how this came to be and explore the solutions which can restore the Founder’s vision for the Congress.

Structure is Destiny

The Founders believed the structure of our government would preserve a free society. Justice Antonin Scalia once quipped, “Every tinhorn dictator in the world today has a Bill of Rights. It isn’t the Bill of Rights that produces freedom. It’s the structure of government that prevents anybody from seizing all the power…Keep your eye on the ball. Structure is destiny.” The Initiative is focused on the necessary role Congress must fulfill to uphold our structure of government.

2018 Writing Contest

The Federalist Society’s Article I Initiative is focused on the critical issue of why the modern Congress is not functioning…

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