What should Congress do?

The Constitution clearly lays out powers and responsibilities for Congress. America’s founders wanted it to be our government’s most powerful branch and its most accountable. The modern Congress is neither. The Article I Initiative was created to explore how this happened and to discover solutions to restore the original vision for Congress.

Structure is Destiny

The authors of our Constitution knew the structure of government was fundamental to preserving our freedom. As Justice Antonin Scalia once quipped, “Every tinhorn dictator in the world today has a Bill of Rights. It isn’t the Bill of Rights that produces freedom. It’s the structure of government that prevents anybody from seizing all the power.” If Congress abdicates from its responsibilities, what are the consequences for our nation?

The Article I Mission

Article I Initiative believes that through discussion and debate we can better appreciate the role of Congress and its rightful place in the Constitutional order. On Capitol Hill and across the country, we are generating a fresh and robust dialogue about Constitutional reform of the Legislative branch.

The Constitution Line by Line with Senator Mike Lee: Article I, Section 7 [Part I]

In this episode of the Constitution Line By Line, Senator Mike Lee explores Article I, Section 7, which outlines the…

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